Can light strips go inside the wall?

Ok hear me out…
Im attempting to conceal the wires from my tv passing them thru the dry wall then out the bottom to then hook up accessories…i.e. game consoles, soundbar, etc.

The plan is to also attach the light straps to the back of the tv one time.

Now that ive learned once i cut the light strips i cant use that portion anymore…please correct me if im wrong. I was wondering if i can connect the light strip behind the mounted tv, pass it thru the hole in the dry wall then out the bottom to then light the back of the tv stand. If infact its long enough

My questions are…

  1. Is this safe? Any fire Hazzard? Legal? :grimacing:

Doubt that it would meet code…shouldn’t have anything operating directly inside the walls. Passing cables is one thing…


Figured…ok thanks

Depends on what you are asking. If you are referring to voiding the warranty, I would assume so. If you are referring to modifying the strip to add some wire in between segments (yes, voiding the warranty), absolutely yes. Keep in mind that I have been running a music synchronized Christmas Light Show for a decade. Use of RGB strips goes back longer than I do. If you are handy with a small soldering iron, it is quite easy to cut the strips and solder in a wire extension between light strip segments. In the Christmas lighting world, we refer to the strips that are all the same color as “dumb” strips and the strips where each pixel can be a different color as “smart” strips. Both can be cut and spliced. This page shows a somewhat extreme example of what I did in 2013: