Can LED Strip power on when TV powers on?

Is there any way that I can configure my Wyze LED Pro strip to power on when the TV is turned on? My old TV had the BIAS lighting connected via USB on the TV so it powered up and down when the TV powered up and down… I haven’t been able to figure out a way to have the Wyze LED strip turn on when the TV does and off when the TV is shut off.
Thank you in advance for any advice or guidance.

I do not believe there is a direct way to do this since the controller has an independent power source.

But there may be some creative ways you could do this with Alexa routines and a Smart TV.

So if you give the voice command Alexa, turn on the TV, you could add to the action, turn on Wyze Light Strips, or When TV is on, turn on light strip.

Or you could put your TV on a Smart plug and when you turn the TV on via the smart plug it turns on the light strip.

That what?

It’s a term for a weak light source behind a screen or monitor. Weak in this case because it’s powered by USB.

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