Can it take the heat?

I received another PIR sensor today. Since I do not have an immediate need for it, I am going to put it to a heat test. I mounted it on a southwest-facing wall. During July there will be many days with peak temperatures over 110 degrees. The temperature on that wall will be much higher. I could not find temperature specs for the “Henli Max” CR2450 that was included, but the max operating temp. rating for the cheapest Murata CR2450 is (70 C) 158 degrees F. The cheapest Panasonic is rated (60 C) or 140F. The PIR sensor can easily tolerate these temps.
So this test will mainly be of battery life and sensitivity. I already know from a front porch sensor that they work well at 112F (This is outside, but always in the shade), but it’s only been in operation for ~ 2 weeks.