Can I view my wyze video in my online account

Dear all:
I am thinking to purchase a wyze. But i am in a different city. My friend can go to my place to help me set it up. I am wondering if I can ask her to set up from my online wyze account and view my device there?

thanks alot

You both would need to install the Wyze app on an Android or iOS device. Then you can give your friend the user ID & password you created for it. Then they can activate the camera on that account in their Wyze app, and afterwards if you don’t want to share the camera you can simply change your password to lock them out.

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If your friend can log into your wyze account with their phone and set things up, you can then log into your account with your phone and see the video and other devices there.

You can’t view video from your account with your browser at the moment.

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