Can I use CAM + without having the android app on my phone?

Can I use CAM + without having the android app on my phone ? I am running a little short on storage space and all I need to do is review footage should there be any – Thanks :))

I believe through the app is the only way to view the footage captured by CAM+.

The CamPlus events are actually stored in Wyzes AI cloud. So the amount of storage being used is minimal on the phone. Yes, it stores thumbnails, etc. but the actual events are stored in the cloud. You can also put an SD card in the camera and the events will be stored there as well.

You can always clear the Wyze Cache in Android. Long Press on the App Icon and go to App Info then Storage and Cahce then clear Cache. you can also go into the Wyze App, tap in the Account menu, then App Settings, and clear the cache in line 1 of the menu.

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Could also add an SD card to the phone and increase your storage capacity😉


Thank you for your reply. I am trying to avoid the WAYZ app due to an unfortunate incident. That app used all of my monthly allotted high speed data (3 Gig) in the span of 2 hrs. I think I will just learn to live with slow speed data as I need my cameras to work. Again , Thank you.

Dang…what a bummer. I’m curious if you know the particulars about how that happened. Was the live camera screen open?

You also might try calling your provider and asking for some extra data this month due this accidental issue. I’ve asked this of T-Mobile a few times over the years, and they’ve always given me a one-time bump.

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The simple answer is yes, of course you can. The CamPlus features should ALL work without you having the app installed or running. CamPlus exists between the camera and the Wyze cloud servers.

You can periodically reinstall the app, review whatever videos you want (in your case, while on unmetered WiFi), and then uninstall the app.

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