Can I cancel an order that’s been shipped?

I placed an order of a HMS starter kit from Wyze on Tuesday. I just now received an email saying “shipped” great , I open the email up and find out the carrier is Fed ex :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I hate ordering from Wyze because it’s like a game of choosing between Amazon who will create the label and deliver my packages to me in less than 2 days or deal with 8 + days of waiting with Fed ex or ups . I check the status of the shipment and it’s getting here December 11th

If I order the same kit from Amazon I can get it delivered by Monday the 5th or even sooner if I pay for a quicker delivery.

So now my question is since my package has been “shipped” is their anyway I can cancel this order ?

I know , I know not the best place to ask this but support is not available and I’m not gonna email them and wait for hours for a reply rn . I’d rather call them up tomorrow and see if I can but I’m done ordering from Wyze .

If Amazon is the carrier it’s great , I get my packages in literally less than 2 days but if it’s Fed ex or Ups . I’m waiting 8 or more , just first world problems eh …

From what I’ve read here in the forums, it doesn’t sound like you can cancel the order once it’s marked shipped.

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If you have preferred shipping channels that you pay extra for like Prime, start there first.

Regular Amazon takes about the same amount of time for me, but Wyze has been using Amazon for free shipping of late.

If you are in a city with an Amazon distribution center, and the item is available, then that can happen in 2 days. :slight_smile:

Yup I l live 2 hours away from an Amazon distribution center so that’s why i get mine so quickly.

I don’t have prime because I only order from Amazon about once every 6 months so that’s why I haven’t bought with prime from wyze

@towelkingdom is correct, once an order has shipped unfortunately we have no way of cancelling it since at that point it is literally out of our hands. We have been trying to make the shipping process better but I understand it still gets frustrating at times.

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