Can I add doorbell camera to group

Has any one been able to add the wyze doorbell camera to their camera group?


I haven’t. I just tried. That’s disappointing. I have an “outside” group for my front cameras, and this definitely qualifies, and I want to keep an eye on my front porch with all the rest.
I hope Wyze adds the capability.


I just installed doorbell and would like to add to group.
Wyze make sure this gets fixed.


I would also like to add it to my home group. Is there an ETA for this product feature? Is the issue that the aspect ratio is different from the 16:9 of the standard cameras?


On the subject of groups, why can’t a device be a part of multiple groups?

For a practical example, if you have an interior group and an exterior group, the garage can be a member of either, depending on what you want to monitor.

Also, groups can have exactly the same devices but in different sequences, putting the most needed view at the top.

These group members are simple indices and don’t really consume too much memory.


Received my doorbell cam, smooth install yesterday, however can’t add to existing cam group. Cannot start a new group ,using doorbell cam either. It doesn’t show up in any cam group list. Not grayed out or available, it is like it is not installed. Up to date on all as well. Today is 3/3/21


Cannot add doorbell to any group. It should be able to be added to Camera group. Hopefully they will fix that soon. Do we need to report the bug to them? Or do they look at the forums?

You should all vote for this #wishlist item:


Add me to the list. :neutral_face:

Me too

Me too.

Same. Please fix this Wyze!!

Yes, please add this. Have a group for cameras at my mom’s house that I installed under her account and shared with myself and I want to keep the doorbell off my home page and in a group. No can do. Please address this wyze!