Can I add a wyze bulb to a motion sensing light?

So I need some insight here

I have a motion sensing light above my basement door

The only problem is that the sensor is on top and only turns on when I get up the top of the stair case . I would like to have the light turn on when I open the door so I can see the stairwell before I walk out .

So in order for this to work , I wanna add a contact sensor to my basement door . And insert a wyze bulb white to the inside of the light (it’s protected from the weather inside a glass) and automate it to turn on the bulb when the door opens

I’ll set up a rule to keep it on for 15 minutes

But the main question is , will the light function as Normal after the event happens

I use this light as a motion sensor light so I would need it to turn on / off after it triggers .

Will having a smart bulb interrupt its normal function ?

If I understand what you are asking, I would believe you would be ok as long as your motion sensing fixture does not turn the power off for the bulb. If it does, then even if the Rule with the Contact fires, the bulb will not go on.

I have actually done something similar in that I have a Wyze Motion Sensor turn on my Porch Lights for 15 minutes. I also have a contact sensor on my front door and it will also turn the lights on if the door is open during a predefined time (Sunset to Sunrise).


I see several problems with your description of your setup. First, the bulb is inside a glass cover. This may result in the bulb overheating as they aren’t designed for an enclosed fixture. Second, since the fixture is motion sensing the bulb will have no power and will not activate when the door sensor is triggered. For this setup to to work you need to provide power to the bulb constantly. You can’t really do both motion sensing from the fixture and the Wyze bulb.


I read it as the bulb itself had a motion sensor, is that not the case? It’s in the fixture? That would make more sense, but wouldn’t work for a smart bulb.

From the OP: