Can doorbell motion turn on light?

Can I use a Wyze Doorbell to turn on a porch light controlled by a Wyze Switch, when motion is detected? What distance can the camera on the Doorbell camera detect motion, at night? Thanks.

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On the Video Doorbell V1 you definitely can. I am waiting for my Video Doorbell Pro to come in, but would expect you can. Here is a Rule I setup to show you:

However, the options for the Video Doorbell v1 does not have an option for “Has been On for” or “Motion has Stopped” so you wont be able to turn it on automatically. Here are the options you will have:


However, you can add a Rule which says when the Switch has been on for x minutes turn it off, this is what the switch provides:

Or, you can do what I do on occasion: I have a Rule to turn on a Wyze Plug which I only use for Smart Control. I would turn the Switch on and the Plug on which will cause the lights to go on. Then I would set a Rule on the Plug, since it was triggered by motion, to Turn the lights off after x minutes and Turn itself (the plug) off.


Thanks all. Bought the doorbell pro and got it all working!