Can Bulbs Run Routines from a Switch?

I have a number of Phillips Hue Bulbs. Here is my major complaint with them: They won’t run routines from the hub, I have to activate routines from my phone. This means I cannot setup a Hue Switch to run a routine.

For instance, I’d like to set a switch to run a “Get Ready for Work” routine. Hitting the switch would turn my light bright white for 10 min, then dim the light by 50% for 10 min, then turn the light orange for 2 min, then red for 2 min, then blinking red for 1 min. This basically gives me 25 minutes to get out the door from the time I hit the switch. And I know how much time I have left to eat breakfast and get out the door by the color of the light, rather than a clock.

Can your hub and bulbs do that?