Can anyone identify this notification?

The other night my wife and I were in the other room when this notification played. I’m unsure if it came from our Sonos in the same room, or the camera itself. It freaked us both out admittedly as it was unexpected.

Notif ping: December 26, 2022 - YouTube

Announcement: December 26, 2022 - YouTube

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Both of those videos recorded audio coming from the same room but away from the cam. The audio did not come from the cam speaker.

I would suggest investigating your activity history on the Sonos since you have a clear timestamp to reference.


The “announcer” was incredibly amateurish (followed by a nearby child?), so someone connected to some local speakers. You don’t recognize his voice?

I don’t. And the beep makes me think it was automated. I just can’t figure out where from.

I don’t use Sonos, I use Alexa. But, I will occasionally get a phantom alert tone on an Alexa dot for no apparent reason. However, never have I had a voice come thru… Yet.

My Alexa speakers do have the capability of receiving voice messages from anyone in my contact list who also has Alexa Messaging enabled, but that requires me to tell Alexa to play the messages. I’m not sure what the Sonos capabilities are as I don’t use them. I would definitely look into Sonos security measures and possibly changing the account password to something unique and random. If it is a password you use for multiple accounts, change all of them to something different.

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I use LastPass and unique passwords with 2fa for everything so very unlikely it was compromised. The beep is so familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s almost like an alert that fired but idk why. The fact that it’s exactly 30s and started at 8:44 makes me think it’s some kind of automation.


LastPass suffered a very severe data breach. It is all over the net.


Sounds to me like a prank by someone you know or a bored neighbor. Could be some service or device with permission to use the speakers instead of the speakers themselves.

I’ve never had Sonos speakers so am not sure if someone can connect to them through Bluetooth or if someone you let on your WiFi can push audio to them, or what the casting limitations are.

Best option might be to to redo setup of the speaker and deny all previous devices that were allowed to use it before. Make them all reconnect from scratch. Maybe tighten up security on the speaker with required new passwords by internet and Bluetooth if allowed.

It’s likely someone you know IMO. Still, might as well block them now. If go ask for suggestions in the Sonos forums, maybe on Reddit. Then people knowledgeable about Sonos will give good detailed advice specifically about them.

Seems most passwords are safe, but I’ll update my master pass. Thanks for the heads up!

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Neighbors don’t know our Wi-Fi information and no friends live near by. I believe this is related to a notification of some kind as the beep in the beginning seems like one. I don’t think our Wi-Fi is compromised but I’ll likely update it in a bit should this happen again.