Can anyone explain this

What portion of it are you wanting explained?


If you mean the bushes looking like they’re jumping, it’s dropped frames while the wind is blowing. The motion is smooth as long as the framerate stays steady, but if you watch the clock you see it skip ahead meaning dropped frames/network issue.

The whole thing. Specifically the part with the door mat moving on its own And the time jumping

My guess on the mat is the wind moved it and as @raym64 the time skipping is due to dropped frames/network issue

This is not all of the footage. The Mat moves 3 times while there is a shadow of what appears to be a person. It is not that windy out today. This has been going on for a while and only seems to do it when people are in frame. Or at least supposed to be. My house was broken into about a month ago and it just so happened that for the time they were inside my house the entire footage was missing. A good two hours of footage

Do you have your camera set to continuous recording? If you do and your missing footage there are a couple of possibilities.

  1. SD card issues. Or power issues or both. As the clip you uploaded was not 12 seconds it’s either a CMC clip or a clip from the SD card. If it is a CMC clip then Network issues may be at play.

  2. The camera has an glitch (unlikely but possible).

If you are thinking someone is somehow editing your video I would set your mind at ease. To manipulate the video in that fashion would require physical access to the SD card and a computer and a LOT of time. It’s not something that could be done remotely without a great deal of effort. Unless your guarding Fort Knox I doubt whatever you have is worth that kind of ongoing effort.

Even if it was there would be easy to see evidence of it on the SD card. If you truly believe that is what’s happening I can put you in touch with any of several Cyber Security experts that all have significant Fortune 500 clients or DOD clients or both. They are not cheap but they can tell you definitively who/what/where/how.


So what you’re saying is the break in and the reason the video magically disappeared for that time aren’t related? I did recover the footage and it was in fact the exact same time my home was broke into. I know this because they were in the recovered footage. I’d Upload for you but I’ve since handed it over to the authorities

I am saying that if that’s what you suspect you need to hire someone that can tell you. The best anyone here can do is guess. There are well know and excellent forensic tools that when used by an expert can tell you a lot.

If you have already involved the authorities then you are headed the right way. But no one here or anywhere else can tell you anything other than a guess without having physical access to the card, camera, and network it was on. Preferably with all in an untouched state.

That’s just a statement of fact. Network intrusions can’t be determined via a conversatIon it takes physical investigation and access.

Good luck with the authorities, and I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Hopefully they will be able to help you recover any losses or damages.


I think I can help… is that bush singing “She’ll be comin’ around the mountain”, “Blow the man down” or “Good night, ladies”? If so, you’re ready to summon the Invisible Swordsman.

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All I know is the sound on these cameras are terrible!

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True enough, among other reasons that’s why these cameras are not suitable for “security” use as noted in their TOS.

Our Products and Services are intended to be accessed and used for non-critical, non-commercial, home-based, personal uses and not for safety, security or time-sensitive purposes.

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It’s a well known fact we use Wyze cams for entertainment purposes only - for example, keeping an eye on the horses … for security around the property, we have Nest cams.


I just watched the time stamp during the whole clip, and that seems to do weird things … is that time stamp behavior we see here also due to frame skips?

Yes it’s due to dropped frames or an effect of the video being edited.