Can a Wyze camera be set up to detect vehicles and exclude chickens?

I would like to get a Wyze camera to detect vehicles coming into our yard. We also have free range chickens.

Can the camera be set to detect vehicles, but ignore the chickens?

Oh I would vote for Chicken Detection in a hot minute based on comedy factor alone.

I think your best bet is careful aiming and detection zone setup. Also you could put a motion sensor closer to the entrance where chickens don’t roam.


Agree with @Customer… Set your detection zone above the height of the birds heads and you should miss them but pick up cars. Or flip a motion sensor upside down and do the same thing- place it above the birds heads. It should pick up the car’s heat and avoid false wind & light alerts.
Since this is your first post, welcome to the community @bill5335! And I’m going to spare you the pain of the obvious bad chicken puns!


Thanks for the help.

Since chickens like crossing roads, these are good tips!

I welcome bad chicken puns.

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But why.

But why.

Mmmm… chicken puns…

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Why? Because I suspect foul play on the camera!!! :grin:


Well it uses WiFry. So there’s a colonel of truth in what you’re saying.

The cameras can be used to put a talon someone. You might catch a Tory. But if he gets cut let him go.

Be sure they are configured to communicate with your home rooster.

But be sure to read the Fryze terms of service and privacy claws.

If you are using a V2 outdoors you might want to invest in a feather-proof housing.

Sorry for the quality here, I’m just winging it. Good ones are rare as hen’s teeth. All I did was hunt and peck at the keyboard. If it bothers you just try to coop. To each his own, you know what they say, taste’s like chicken.


Hello bill5335.

I have had success with excluding areas of unwanted IR signature by placing a piece of tape horizontally across the bottom portion of the lens. Experimentation would probably be needed.

Another option would be to aim the motion sensor upwards to exclude the portions with the up-close chickens. Again, experimentation with different aim angles may be needed.

You may want to look at Reducing Sensitivity of Motion Sensor with a Mask - 2

The easiest and guaranteed to work is issue each chicken a heat-shielding suit of Styrofoam or have them socially distance themselves to reduce their collective IR signature to an undetectable level.

The old standby method of placing “No Chicken Trespassing” signs written in the chicken language often works but requires liturate chickens. Of course, I’m kidding about the last three methods.


I was about to give the translated text on “No Chicken Trespassing” but unfortunately couldn’t find the chicken scratch font on my computer.

Since this is not the place to nitpicking, I won’t comment on the pecking order of your suggestions, but I think using a piece of tape to create an artificial horizon is a flight of fancy.

proxy-image(2) proxy-image(4)

This is the punniest thread of the day.

Wyze have a tight ecosystem that lends itself well to just unboxing and going, and that is probably what most Wyze customers want, but if you are willing to roll your sleeves up and do a little more work, you can do a lot with some of their gadgets.

You could use Wyze RTSP firmware or Dafang hack to pull your camera feed into Home Assistant, then use the HACS DeepStack integration to detect chickens.

DeepStack is awesome and can do facial recognition and any sort of object recognition without the cloud. You configure it with a photo and “name” the photo, and henceforth when one of your cams sees what is in that photo, it returns the name. It can easily tell a chicken from a car, given enough information, it could tell a chicken from a rooster. I couldn’t, but DeepStsck could given the appropriate data and maybe camera angle(?)

You could use it for differentiating between your cats and announcing over Alexa which cat is using the litter box. If, for some reason, that is the sort of information you are interested in.


Hello Ben.
Concerning the tape partially covering a motion sensor, it does work. I was given that method by a Honeywell security technician years ago for my (still functioning) analog camera system. It is simple enough to try placing a piece of tape over the lower portion of a motion sensor and see what happens.
Victor Maletic.

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Amazing. This is the last thread in which I expected to learn something new and cool about HomeAssistant and AI. Thanks.

Yes it does work.

My commercial Alarm PIR Detectors (Honeywell) come with strips to cover the sensor as needed.


Thanks, chasjabber
Others could benefit from your information. Also, making a shield of translucent milk jug plastic has worked for me.