Can a device connected to the Wyze Mesh Pro network communicate with devices connected to the main Modem?


I just bought the Wyze Mesh Pro and I’m loving it, so far. I have a single question (in title).

Can a device from the mesh communicate with another device connected to the main Modem?

This is my scenario:

At my office we use an internal LAN messenger, we need to be able to ping IPs both ways.

My laptop is connected via Ethernet to the main MODEM.

I can ping devices connected to the Wyze Mesh Pro WiFi Network, but they cannot ping me.

Is there a way to open up the “upstream” communication from devices in the mesh towards my laptop (connected to main Modem).

We can no longer use the internal messenger as it seems were not in the same network.

I tried to explain this as clear as I could but I can definitely try better if needed.


I’m guessing we need more detail.

To what is the Wyze Mesh Pro connected? To the main router connected to the Modem, or something else?

Why you can ping in one direction and not the other is a confusion.

So anything you can tell us about specific cable connections and what DNS everyone is using may help.

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To enable both way communication, Bridge mode must be enabled via Wyze App. After doing so, both computers in “different” networks can ping each other (one on the modem via Ethernet and the ones on WiFi via Mesh).

Open the Wyze App > Select your Mesh device > Press the cog on the top right corner > Advanced Settings > Press the switch to enable Bridge Mode.

Your Mesh devices will now restart (this process takes around 2-3 minutes).

This will disable the Mesh router’s NAT making the main Modem responsible for assigning IPs and all your devices will seemingly be connected to the same network and IP range.

Hope this helps!

Cheers and greetings from Mexico!

Julio C.