Cams horrendous and consistent failure to provide motion alerts or record events

I’m experiencing a horrendously consistent failure of my cameras to provide motion alerts or record obvious activity. Very often, they alert every few minutes for a shrub blowing in a gentle breeze, or headlight glare. Yesterday, there was a twelve-hour gap in the alerts for all five cameras. This is in spite of having someone enter my home while I was away by accessing and using a key in a visually covered doorknob lockbox. Even with all the firmware updates they’ve just gotten worse and worse over the years. So, I’m now at the point that I can’t recommend any wyse product for use as part of a reliable, personal security network. They’re always just so wonky now.


I own 3 cams paid yearly subscription been dealing with the same situation for 4 years. Every year I have to buy a new camera because the last one stops working, not getting wifi not recording not doing anything they become completely useless. Now my last 3 did the same exact thing they all stopped working at the same time, showing they are offline but my other devices were perfectly fine. I just ordered the new pan tilt 2nd generation and im returning it. I upgraded to to a better system so the only thing I’ll be owning from Wyze is a bulb as soon Im done with that Good Bye WYZE.