Cams at night

Does anys does this its the v3 crap video and sound while trying to takr half the videos it keep kicking me off them

No clue what you are asking…


Was u able yo look at the pics and video i uploaded 1 one drivw they use to work fine weeks ago. Some it sounds like it repets the sound over and over at night and idk if ita picking up other raido crap or what

I’m not going to poke through dozens of still frames and videos to try to figure out what’s important.
Narrow is down.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @tylerwhite1990tlw! :raising_hand_man:

The folder you linked contained mostly still images and 3 Video Event Clips.

The still images and the video image appear to be commensurate with a normally operating V3 Cam in HD quality Video shooting at 15fps under in IR Night Vision Mode. There was 1 still image in daylight color mode. I don’t see any issues with the image or video quality.

The 3 videos provided appear to also have normal audio quality from a standard V3 Cam. The cam has a very small mic. To compensate, Wyze jacks up the sensitivity on the mic which then will regularly pick up and digitally magnify ambient noise that is beyond the ability for us to hear. This makes the audio quality sound a bit artificial and like it is inside a tube. The ambient sound regularly reverberates from how the mic is placed inside the cam frame rather than outside where it would be exposed to the elements. Lastly, like all mics without electronic shielding, they are also prone to picking up electronic and RF intereference and amplifying it as sound. This will usually manifest as a rhythmic background sound in the audio track.