CamPlus only delivering still photo

I have several CamOutdoor cameras, all on CamPlus Lite and functioning fine, as well as 2 CamOutdoor cameras on CamPlus. Everything working fine, no issues!

I recently added an additional Cam Plus license and assigned it to one of my cameras. That camera now is not recording video, just a still photo when an event is triggered. All settings are correct for event recordings, no firmware update required.

If I remove the Pro license from that camera and put it back on Lite, it records video as normal. What could be going on that is making it so the Pro license is only delivering stills for just this camera? Thanks for any insight!

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It is possible that the app just needs a fresh settings download from the server as sometimes it keeps old data in the cache. It just needs a nudge to go get new info.

With everything assigned to licenses the way you want, try this:

  1. Go to Account → App Settings and clear the cache.

  2. Then, go back 1 page to Account and Sign Out (make sure you know your username and password).

  3. Close the app.

  4. Long press on the Wyze App icon and click App Info and then Force Stop.

  5. Reopen the app and log back in. Test the cam to see if it will now record proper events.


Thank you! I just followed those steps, and it’s still only recording a still. When I click on the ‘help’ button found under the still photo, it says “Failed to upload”, so I guess the next step would be to submit a log and see if we can figure it out that way? The other cameras attached to the same base station are uploading their videos just fine. :-/

Absolutely start a CS ticket. This is a failure of the architecture, not an app settings issue. Short of a cam deletion and reinstall, CS is the next step.

@Antonius, have you ever had a WOC fail to upload events?

Post back with your CS experience and ticket #.

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There’s lots of issues right now with events failing to upload. Power cycling the cam or waiting a few hours seems to fix it.

Also may wanna try un assigning the liscesne and reassigning.

Small update. Tried waiting a day to see if it resolved on its own (it didn’t). I contacted Wyze chat today and they suggested I power cycle the base station, which didn’t help, either. Waiting to hear back from support. I have sent a log in to support but afaik an engineer hasn’t been assigned yet. My ticket is #2309306.

Appreciate your suggestions so far! :slight_smile:

Yes, if I unassign the Plus license and move the camera back to Lite, it records and uploads videos with no issues. It’s only when I put the Plus license back on the desired camera when I’m having the issue. Thank you!

Interesting. Let us know when you get a response, if nothing comes out of it I can escalate the ticket.

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Appreciate that, thank you! Tomorrow I’m also going to try assigning the “problem” Plus license to a separate camera/base station and see if that gives me the same issue on a different camera.

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I just took a look at the CamPlus Pro FAQ’s.

It appears that Cam Plus Pro is NOT compatible with any WCO.

I’m not really sure how you have 2 WCO on CP Pro that are working???

I apologize as I did not even catch the fact that these were WCO on CPPro. I read the CamPlus in the topic header title and never even realized you clearly stated CamPlus Pro in your original post.

Will Cam Plus Pro be available on all Wyze Cams?
August 10, 2022 19:07
Most Wyze Cams, except Wyze Cam Outdoor.
Cam Plus Pro will work with Wyze Cam v2 and v3, and Wyze Cam Pan v1 and v2.


I am so sorry! It is plain Cam Plus, and not Cam Plus Pro. My mistake!! It appears I can’t edit my original post to delete the “Pro”. The nomenclature is ooof. :sweat_smile:


Ok, we are back on track again then. No harm, no foul!

We are back in business! It appears that deleting the camera, and then re-pairing it to the base station and adding the Plus license back has solved the issue. Whew. :slight_smile: Thanks to those who chimed in with helpful troubleshooting steps to try! Appreciate you all.


I went ahead and edited your original post to show the proper subscription.