CamPlus does miss events, that is why an SD card is a necessity

CamPlus does miss events, that is why a SD card is necessary and every camera they make should have an SD card slot.

Mail truck only seen on departure, not entrance.

SD card captured it all, so CamPlus sucked on this event. Video too large to upload.

Here is link on YouTube CamPlus missed event, SD did not Mail truck can be seen entering and leaving. Wyze needs to fix some bugs still in event capture & CamPlus

[MODS] - The event is 9.9 MB is there anyway it could be allowed to be uploaded this one time?


Other backup cams caught events though, although several exceeded the 5.86MB limit so could also not be uploaded…

Interesting we use sd cards on all cams and all cams have cam +, we are not getting what your talking about,I pulled last weeks events and looked and no issues on our systems thanks,

And you are on city folk bandwidth…LOL

I am on a cellular router 7 miles away through a forest, likely an upload bandwidth congestion issue as I have mentioned before in other posts.

On waiting list for Starlink but that could be a while according to my reservation slot…

If Wyze had more engineers working on firmware and software this would be a fixable issue, if a video does not upload use the memory on SD to try again later. But that requires competent coders and time, where Wyze is too busy pushing more New Cheap Chinese Junk Products over Software/Firmware fixes. Coming soon the Wyze WiFi Bidet toilet seat (AKA Wyze-Crapper), etc…

I think they just use a condom on a few of there fixes…buy the way what is the cost of starlink?

At first Elon Musk said $80/mo, but then later he said $99/mo. So who knows what it will be once I finally get it in a year or so?

This is my Hill-Billy Rural bandwidth in the Eldorado National Forest tonight, speeds vary due to other users on tower and right now is prime time for most people up here streaming video, etc…

Best speeds I have seen late night or early morning are 15 down / 15 up

I will take slow internet speeds (for now) over living in any city, I like the peace and quite, and nearest neighbors several acres away…

And Don’t buy the Wyze Brand SD card, they are junk and fail in a short time.

I have at least 7 Wyze cards, dating back at least 2-1/2 years, on cams from the V2 to the V3, running continuous recording 24/7, and NONE have failed me yet. So YMMV, as with any SD card…

Every single one went corrupted over time but the replacement ones made exclusively for video have been running flawlessly every since being installed. And were lower cost than the Wyze branded cards.

There are many posts as to the Wyze brand cards compared to other higher quality cards on this forum.

Guess you got lucky as others mileage did vary for the worse…

Well I have documented extreme 170°F stress on the cards without permanent failure.

Yes the wyze sd cards are bad we had 11 of them at customer locations,and all failed we replaced them with Gigastone sd cards,cards, some are over 2.5 years old and have no issues at all,and they cost less $$$ than the Wyze