CamPlus Different option on iOS vs Android

I have noticed that when I go to the CamPlus area on an iOS Phone that it includes Pet Notification. However, on an Android Device, it does not. I believe this is something which needs to be corrected. I only figured it out as I am getting Pet Notifications and was not sure why until I checked the iPhone. I use Android as my daily driver.

Android App Version: 2.20.50
iPhone App Version: 2.20.151 (2)

This is what my Android Phone Shows

This is what my iPhone Shows

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Same here

Took a while to find the screen that you are looking at, but finally found it. I confirm your findings. Same versions as you report on both phones.

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I have the same issue with my Android phone. Do anyone have news for this?

Just looked at my Android Phone and noticed that Pet is now available as a CamPlus option. Running Beta Version 2.21.12 of the App.

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