CAMPLUS: Allow annual renewal date to be on different days for different cameras

I purchased 1 annual CAMPLUS service, and the renewal date is for 12/17. I want to add 11 more CAMPLUS memberships, but I do not want 11 to renew a week before Christmas. I am trying to buy 1 more CAMPLUS every month, so the renewal date is spread throughout 2022, However, it still tells me the renewal date is on 12/17 for the new camera.

I contacted support, but they say that this is how it works. All my CAMPLUS memberships will renew on the same date. Please allow a way to renew each service on the date it was purchased.

Thank you.

I think this is a good idea if you are trying to spread out your payments instead of paying one big amount once per year. I would pay half of my CamPlus subscriptions at the beginning of the year and the other half in the middle of the year.

Good idea.
So if we’ve the OP plus 2 positives why are there only 2 votes?

@ryny24, vote for your own Wishlist item!

Oh. Thank you!

My renewal date is 12/17. Right before Christmas!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

You are so right. It’s a reason why I will not renew all of my cameras when they all come due in August.

So, if I understand this, If I buy more cameras, the CAMPLUS will renew on the date I picked up the first 2? That would add up to a not insignificant amount if I want to add several more cameras.

Yes, the first CAMPLUS you purchase sets your renewal date. You actually don’t purchase any more after that. You only ‘Increase’ the quantity of your CamPLUS.

When you increase your quantity, it will immediately charge you, but only for the amount remaining until your renewal date. For example, if you increase your quantity 6 months after your renewal date, it will only charge you HALF the annual fee. Then at your renewal date, it will charge for ALL your cam plus memberships again.

That is rather problematic, I would rather not have that sort of big bill if I were to add more cameras.

Exactly my problem, my renewal date is a week before Christmas.

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Mine is early December, but that’s still not so handy, I think some better options are needed, such as 12 monthly (maybe with X number of cameras needed) or a Quarterly (smaller camera count?).

Exactly! It’s convenient for Wyze… but awful for customers who have several cameras. When my camera all come due, I’ll cancel Cam Plus on most of them for that reason.

They should also have you pay fir only what you need. I do not need package or pet detection, yet it’s included as well. I turn it off.

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