Cameras won't load when using mobile data

My cameras won’t load in the app when I’m using mobile data and on wifi networks outside my home. They only load when I’m on my home wifi (the same as my cameras).

The only way I can see my cameras when I’m not on my home wifi is if I use the web site.

This has become a common problem.

See the other many posts about this issue.

I’m guessing you have Xfinity or an XB7 Cable internet gateway, or “Rogers” equipment.

These have been shown to have an issue allowing a remote connection to Wyze cameras. There are some workarounds, but the main source appears to be that gateway being the problem with blocking the remote connection.

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You are correct. I have xfinity. Do you know the workarounds?

Some have replaced their router by complaining to provider. It’s part of their support to keep you as a customer.

This may not solve your issue, but a new router is nice.

There are quite a few posts with the new model #.

Yeah, if you have an XB7 gateway, you might be able to get Xfinity to upgrade you to an XB8 gateway. This has solved the problem for some people.

Other work arounds include getting a different router and then putting your Xfinity router into “Bridge Mode”. Another one (which I don’t really recommend) is turning off their “Advanced security” which seems to be causing the block.

Mostly, I would complain to Xfinity and see if they’ll send you the upgrade for free. You can mention that there are a lot of posts that the problem is from their gateway.

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