Cameras shorting out

Has anyone had an issue with their wyze cam v3

cameras shorting out? I use these in my dog kennel as well as outdoors and this is the second camera to do this. Very scary!

Yikes! I am not aware of this ever happening.

The rest of the cam looks pretty beat up, do the dogs ever like chew it?

Are you using a waterproofed power supply? Like the one Wyze sells?


You beat me to the question - I was busy making visual aids.


No, the cameras are too high up. This particular camera was outside and yes, we use a waterproof cover on our outside cameras. The other camera that was in our kennel area that shorted out Is no where near the dogs and on the outside of the cages.

I just don’t know how this happened to not one but two cameras. :worried:

And as for the corner being dented, when I was taking it down to replace I dropped it from about 15ft high because it was hot.


Um, you don’t happen to be using older existing power lines, such as those from more traditional security cameras? Anything over 5V DC or longer than 20 feet is going to be an issue.

As @IEatBeans indicated, I’ve never seen even one report of this nature, so it’s weird.

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The building was just put up last year. All power lines are new and up to code. I wished I could find the other camera it did this to, it was A LOT worse than this one. Do you think we could have had a power surge and this was the result???

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That’s the only thing I can think of, maybe try putting the new ones in a surge protector?

Welcome to the forums! Few questions, how were you powering this? Any pictures of how it’s powered? On the other camera, is the thermal damage in the same spot?

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Yes but we’re asking about how you power the cameras… Using the stock AC adapter and included USB cable, or something different and/or longer?


I can see the connector on the back of the camera in the photo is twisted out of line. It is on a bayonet fitting so it can be removed.

Maybe you have twisted it and shorted the wires together inside the camera.

I assume you are using a 5v usb power supply with the camera - every USB power supply I have used will not cause that damage, and short circuit will just cause the supply to switch off.

I would check the voltage of your supply wires with a test meter


Yes, I am using the power supply that came with the cameras. Plugging directly into an outlet.

I do not know what a bayonet fitting is. I unboxed the camera and used only the power supply provided with the cameras.

I think the twisting may have happened when it became too hot and shorted out.

Maybe just a UK thing.

Basically push down and twist clockwise to lock in place and push down and twist the other way to unlock.

The weirdest part of this to me is that there doesn’t appear to be any scorching on the camera itself, and yet it looks as if the cable was actually smoldering / on fire, from the smoke residue on the cable. It almost looks as if the camera was hanging from the cable.


I really can’t see how 5v at 1A can damage cables that badly.

I have accidentally shorted wires carrying 12v at more than 1A and not caused that much damage,

All good power supplies have short-circuit protection as standard here in the UK and Europe so I assume it is the same in the US.

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I am sorry to see something like this has happened. We would definitely like to replace this and get this unit back to see what went wrong. If you have contacted support could you please get me the ticket number and if you haven’t could you contact them and get the ticket number posted here so I can follow through with it.

Wyze Support

(206) 339-9646
Mon - Fri 4am - 8pm PT
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm PT


Hello Jason,

Thank you for your assistance. The ticket number is 2194335



Don’t know what to tell ya bud, this is how I found the camera after it stopped working. I am not in the business of lying, the cameras are only $30 not exactly a bank breaker! I spent more on the Ring cameras that don’t work 1/4th as good as my Wyze cameras. And as I said repeatedly, I only used the power source that was in the box.


We had a bad storm last week. Maybe that killed my camera but not sure how it would have gotten to the back and not anywhere else. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Maybe it was a Lightening strike! Not to the camera itself, but to your building or house wiring. I’ve seen lightening strike the ground and cause all kinds of damage to homes and electrical equipment in those homes. May just be a possibility.