Cameras seem to not record


Hi guys

So I’ve noticed this in my cameras quite often , i went to view the playback from earlier today and i noticed against that my cameras will not record for 2 minutes and then record

It seems to happen quite frequently , any reason to this ?

I have a 32 gb micro sd card inserted in the camera , I’m assuming that it’s overriding the old data or something ?

Can I get an answer here , thanks


That looks like a 1 minute gap. But, it isn’t caused by overwriting.

The cams record to the SD in 1 minute increments and saves that 1 minute to the SD as an individual timestamped file. The viewer software rendering the video then stitches the consecutive videos back together in chronological order based on their metadata timestamp. When the card is full, the oldest 1 min file is overwritten with the newest.

This process will not result in a gap but a continual 1 min drop at the beginning and an add at the end.

What might be an issue is that the program cannot read the file for that 1 min because it is corrupt. This would lead me to suspect a failing SD card.

I would swap cards on the cam exhibiting that with a new High Endurance card and see if the behavior continues.

Alternatively, if you have an automated cam restart rule scheduled or a smart plug power cycle routine, you will see a recording drop during that time every day.


@SlabSlayer did a great job explaining things. I agree with him that it is likely the card’s fault.

If you want to try keeping the SD card, then I would pull the SD card, put it into a computer and have it scan the card for bad sectors and update the File Allocation Table of the card to skip those sectors automatically from now on. The cause could be a number of things, and in the end it’s probably irrelevant…there are ways to fix the card to stop using those bad sectors, or you can just swap it for a different one.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t the sd cards override the old data themselves ?

And can you recommend any high endurance sd cards ?

The brand in all of my v3’s are sandisk , they any good ?

I don’t have a computer to do that unfortunately but will be getting one soon

Yes, overwriting the oldest 1 min file is automatic, a function of the cam FW.

The key here is High Endurance cards specifically designed for continuos recording and constant overwriting in security or dashcams. Not all SD cards are created equal.

I have some Sandisk Pro Endurance cards and some Gigastone MLC 10x HE I bought on Amazon to test… both installed in December. no problems yet. :crossed_fingers:

There are SO many available out there and there are just as many posts here in the forum. You can read for hours while you disappear down the rabbit hole.

If you are in a technical mood: