Cameras per network

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Can anyone say with certainty how many indoor cameras can be run on a single network?


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You can have 255 devices on a network but then you get into subnets which adds more devices.
What is the real limitation you are concerned about, IP addresses, bandwidth,ā€¦ ?

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Hate to argue but it would be 253 max in a standard home network. 254 being max devices one would have to be a router of some kind and the last address (255) is a broadcast address.

More to the point, there is no real limit to the number you can have. Iā€™m guessing finding anything in the app will be a bigger problem than how many cameras you can fit.

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Bandwidth may or may not be an issue depending on what both WiFi and internet connection can support, and how many cameras are being access - and from where.
The other limit would be how many connections YOUR WiFi can support. A lot of consumer WiFi devices can only handle a few dozen connections at the same time. Some commercial WiFi devices can handle thousands. That limitation can be mitigated with multiple access points. That adds some other issues, but not getting into that here.
And shifty is correct on a /24 (also known as a network as a max of 253 (plus one for the router).

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