Cameras not loading

My cameras in a group will not load many times when I open the group.

They will get stuck on the loading live stream screen sometimes some will even have the grey loading live stream screen as well.

This happens when I’m using my android device on wifi and cellular data. It happened before the latest app update and got even worse with the new version.

The v3 FW is
App version is V2.43.0. (312)

On a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE running android 13

I also frequently clear app cache and force close the app MANY times with no avail.

I have to remove the cameras from the group for them to load the live stream. If I add them back to the group, they will not load.

Me, too, with v2s on same app version and firmware current. In Landscape, first 4-up load and play well and quickly. The second 3-up not. In portrait, it’s catch-as-catch- can for the full 7, though the first three visible usually load reasonably well.

Same 4-up and 3-up Landscape on tinyCam Pro load quickly and consistently. 3-up in Portrait as well.

WiFi-only access, for me. And haven’t added or removed any from the group. They generally play well when accessed individually from a group they’re not working in. :man_shrugging:

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