Cameras missing in app

Anyone else have cameras missing? Was looking at them 30 minutes ago and now shows no cameras on account … oddly enough I did get a notification and showed a long number instead of the camera name

I would log out of the app and then log back in. Smells like your authorizations expired.

Sorry should have said rebooted phone and logged out and back in from app. They did come back after about an hour

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Glad it resolved itself for you!

Does anyone else missing their cameras on their phone app? They were there half hour ago and all of a sudden, 3 of them missing. Gone! Just like that. Any clue of what happen? I am not home so I can’t try to add them back again. Thanks!

Logout of your app and log back in, see if that restores them.

Hi, should have said that I did log out of the app and reboot my phone about 3 times with no help to my problem. Thanks anyway :frowning:

That usually means someone has deleted them from the app. Or stolen them and reset them to their account.

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