Cameras fail to load , long wait time to connect , and constant error codes

I’ve been experiencing my cameras fail to load initially , stuck on the 3/3 screen , frozen , and constant error codes after the app update.

An easy fix to this , is just backing out to the home tab and refreshing . But I have to be constantly doing this , it’s very frustrating.

I have restarted my wifi router countless times and restarted my cameras , to no avail,

Can I get some help here . Has anyone else experienced this…?

I am not experiencing this on my cams using Android, but it is possible that some of this is part of the bug fixes WyzeDesmond mentioned will be getting released in the next firmware update.

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I believe so too .

This only happened after the latest app update , just very frustrating dealing with this. Never experienced this at all before , really wish we had the ability on IOS to refresh the cameras when having a group open instead of backing out to the home tab and refreshing .