Cameras cause WiFi utilization to spike

Hello all I’m hoping you could shed some light on a issue I’m having with my cameras. I have 7 Cameras throughout my house. All the camera work fine when I view the live stream One at a time. However if I try to use the 2-way audio or if I group 3 or more camera together they drop to 0KB/s bit rate and then they lose connection. My WiFi setup is a Ubiquiti UAP-LR as my main AP in my living room which 4 cameras connect to. Then I have another Ubiquiti MESH AP out side that 2 of the camera connect to. And finally I have a third Cisco AP in garage that the 7th camera connects to. I also recently upgrade my ISP connection to 1G download and 40Mbps Up. I have made sure that my three AP and on channel 1 then 6 then 11 so they don’t interfere with each other. No matter what I do I can’t keep a solid connection to the camera if I use audio or groups. I thought that if I spread the Cameras over several AP’s I would have better connection. Lastly, while streaming the camera to another device I looked at my UniFi controller and noticed that the 2.4Ghz was at 91%

Any progress on this? I’m experiencing the exact same problem. I only have 1 UAP LR though.