Cameras are recording events, but I can't connect to either one

Just started today, Front camera is recording events, but if I try to connect to it directly I can’t. Can’t connect to the rear camera either, But it doesn’t appear to be recording events now that I look at the timeline.


I am 60 miles away so no physical access…

You need to give more details, what exactly do you mean by “connecting directly”?

And if you are 60 miles away, how did you set up the cameras?

If you can see the timelines, then you’re connected to the cameras.

I set the cameras up months ago and they have been humming along just fine. I’m just not at that location currently so I can’t reset them.

By connecting directly I mean tapping on the camera to get a live view. Not events that it has recorded. Those I can view just fine.

When connecting it just sits there trying to connect to the live stream.

There are many possible reasons why you can’t connect. You can go to the Wyze support pages for troubleshooting tips.

But the fact that at least one camera isn’t recording to the SD card leads me to believe that the SD card either failed or there’s something wrong with its format.

I posted In another thread before, that as part of the “authentication” process, the Wyze app checks the SD card, and if there is a problem, the authentication fails and you won’t see a livestream.

You can easily check this if there’s someone onsite to remove the SD card. It should let you view the camera. If this fixes the problem, either reformat the SD card on a PC or preferably, use another (better) SD card.

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What resolution is it set at?
I’ve many remote V2 cams on a very slow internet connection and often had problems getting an image. Based on someones suggestion I’ve tried dropping resolution to 360. Then they connect and I bump the resolution back up.

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It’s both cameras so it would be quite a coincidence that both SD cards failed I would think. Also I don’t know if they are recording to the card since I can’t connect and check the timeline.

There’s no one on site.

Pretty sure I have both set to 360 because it’s a slow upload speed.

Never had this issue before.

Well, 60 miles isn’t that far.

it’s a two hour trip each way.

But thanks for the help.

Reads like you might want to make another investment for remote power cycling

Are you sure you don’t have a power or internet issue over there? As you said, it’s unusual that it would affect BOTH cameras at the same time. That seems like the most logical explanation. Have you continued to have events recording since you first had the issue?