Camera Zoom Lock/Save/Record

I would like the ability to lock or save a zoom when opening the app until cleared. ( similar to Nest’s enhance function).

As an example, I have a cam in the corner of my child’s bedroom. I really only use this cam to check on nap time so the ability to have the stream focused on the bed would be great!

Obviously, on the phone app it is not hard to just pinch to zoom to the bed. However, I am thinking ahead to when we have the ability to cast the stream to a TV or a hub. Pinching to zoom will no longer be an option and a zoomed out view of the bedroom will be largely useless in my use case. If I could have the stream zoom locked on the bed this would be way more convenient!


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Please add a feature that will allow camera to stay zoomed and focused. The Nest camera has this feature and I don’t see why it is not a priority for Wyze.

Thank you.

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It would be nice to be able zoom camera position as a default position. Especially for Pan presets

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I would really like a zoom lock feature. I’m currently using a old phone as camera and it can do this with the app I am using. The only problem with that is the camera is poor. Decided to give one of my wyze cams a try but the zoom doesn’t stick.

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Has this been addressed with the Outdoor Cam? I’ve been working on the detection settings as well as notifications. I can’t figure out if it can be done. It does it on the Cam Pan.

This has not been addressed and is still an issue.

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Would love to have a Digital Zoom feature for my Waze Cam 3 used at monitoring a bird’s nest in a bush. The movement of the bush from any type of breeze will overwhelms the low bitrate and I just get a mostly blurred video. Zooming into the nest and discarding the reset of the image should improve the limited bit rate. Please make digital Zoom available.


I agree. I was wanting this rearrangements same reason. I have a nest of my front porch plus I like to watch the deer in my back yard. I have cameras in both places but, a zoom feature would be great and allow for motion detection on the zoomed in area.

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I agree. I have a baby who has a very rare disorder. She has a brain disorder that causes seizures day and night. I use the cam to record and keep records of her seizure activity. I need to be able to zoom in to see exactly what she’s doing during each seizure. She has every type of seizure that exists because her disorder is a malformation in the frontal lobe of her brain. It’s very important that I can look closely at exactly what she’s doing during each one. I could really really use a better zoom feature on the wyze cam v3.

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As a workaround, you can double tap on the point of the view, and it will center that point and maximize the zoom.

I know you want something more automated, but this is the closest thing I can think of right now.

Of course when I get around to it and re-familiarize myself with python, use the kroo thing and replace the Wyze app altogether and have all these nifty features.

Yep, real soon now, ha ha.

Wish for the ability to record at a custom zoom level

Would be great if the app had the option to record at a customized zoom level

I, too, am using Wyze Cams for backyard wildlife because they are less expensive. I have been learning how to better use the features and understand the algorithms used. There is a lot that cam be modified, inexpensively, to make them better suited for close use. This could be a whole new market for Wyze. There is enough demand in these forums. They could have both Security cameras and Wildlife cameras. I am presently using 2 Wyze Cam Outdoor and 1 V3 regularly. Some of my videos can be seen in the “Wyze Cam Outdoor on a Birdfeeder” conversation thread. You can also see Wyze camera video footage on my YouTube site “Keith Dael”.

Hopefully they will add the option. Maybe a drop down for 2x,3x,4x zoom would be a good starting point

Good luck!