Camera will not connect or upgrade

I just received a brand new Wyze cam to replace another that failed. It’s installed and shows on, but cannot connect, and will not upgrade. It did connect a few times but the upgrade failed. I’ve rebooted it a number of times, but it still will not connect. I have two other Wyze cams one works very well as it should the 2nd only fair, but usable. The failed one I ordered this one to replace was working but went offline and now will not go into setup, and the new replacement is also a failure. I almost didn’t order another Wyze and instead order another Ring Camera as I have the Ring alarm system, but thought I would give it a try. If I get a refund on this camera I’ll probably order a more expensive Ring instead, the Wyze seem so problematic. I do like the Wyze system and I like the extended recording with the SD card over the Ring, but they are so unreliable, I sure wish they were more dependable.