Camera use to identify a Person?

I am paying a subscription to identify a person. View playback has changed and it is difficult to even view as it is by time and not individual shots like it use to be and would identify when there was a person in pic.
What am I missing and am I wasting my money on this monthly charge? Thanks

Hard to give any advice with the little information you’ve provided. Can you post screen shots of your CamPlus and camera settings?

There really is nothing to show on screen shot and not sure how to do that with the app on my phone? Cannot view activity like I use to be able to do. Does not show as I have said when a person is on the camera.

Start with the basics: Android or iOS? What app version? When you say view playback that would be the SD card and NOT CamPlus. To view CamPlus with people, vehicles, pets, etc. identified, go to the events tab.