Camera tells me it is a 'PET', can you tell me what it is?

This ‘Pet’ alert kept coming after a snowfall up here in N.E. PA.

It definitely looks like a bear. Just look at the shadow when you zoom in. :laughing:

Well, if it is a bear, it never moved for six hours and the plow covered it up. The ‘smile’ is what really got to me.

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Or a big cat on your porch. Legs, belly, and tail.

And that totally looks like a face with eyes, eyebrows and a smile looking to right



That’s no pet, that’s the abominable snowman

He had one too many at the ice bar and collapsed there, the courteous snow plow came by to tuck him in. :snowman:


Thank you! You see it. If you notice my riding Cadet mower is not far from the face for a size comparison.
As the night progressed, it snowed more inches, but the face remained untouched by the snow. Just so creepy and indeed not any ‘pet’ that I want.

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Oh yeah, my cats have given off shadows very similar to the one at the bottom left, head in the bottom left corner, then body and legs and tail. I could see that. I’ve seen very similar ones.

The smiley face in the snow is cool

The chimes at the top could possibly be mistaken as a bird.

I guess the riding lawnmower could be mistaken as something.

I’m thinking it thinks this is a cat though:
That looks A LOT like one of my cats. legs, Ear poking up from the head toward the right. Big belly up top. This is my guess for the Pet…

But in the end, if snow is so magical, who is to say the snow itself isn’t the “pet” ? I mean, look at Frosty the Snowman… :slight_smile:


Reminds me of the joke where someone wrote something nasty in the snow…and it was the wife’s handwriting. :flushed:

Okay, I can buy that… The grin looks a little lopsided! Thank you for the laughs.


Yes, but Frosty is a happy sort of snowman… The face in the snow is downright scary. You are right, perhaps the camera thinks it is a cat on the porch, I kept thinking it was the ‘Face’ that it was referring to. Thanks.


I would have never seen it or noticed it, were it not for the many ‘pet’ notifications from the back porch camera and since I have cameras covering the perimeter of the house and most of my neighbors are dairy cows, black Angus, and horses, no one could have created that hideous face. I have cameras because my other neighbors are bears, coyotes, foxes, and now I guess an inebriated abominable snowman.

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