Camera stopped working for 9 days, came back to life

I’ve one site about 800 miles away with 6 V2’s and slow internet. I frequently get failures to connect but it usually gets through. I usually connect to every cam and take a snapshot twice a day.
One cam stopped responding on the 17th of December, Was still not responding last night, This morning it is back working. Maybe it’s a Christmas miracle.


There’s a well known “Christmas” dead spot when internet usage drops to almost zero while most folks are opening presents and drinking coffee.

This allows devices that are marginal to connect. This pause is followed, almost immediately, by the “Christmas Gluttony” which happens when everyone begins connecting their new devices at once.

Signs that the pause is over and the gluttony has started are overflowing trash cans, and dumpsters, parents hiding in their rooms and frantic yells of “is the net down?”, and “Timmy is hogging the net I can’t watch Frozen it’s buffering!” Coming from various houses.

Within the next few days network traffic more or less returns to normal. On the morning of January 1 there is one more short spike as a surge in search traffic for “hangover cure” occurs.


I am 2200 miles from the house that we are selling. We had a number of showings over the weekend (12/21-12/22), and my wife advised that someone broke a bi-fold door. When I went to review the footage, 2 out of 3 cameras were off-line … ironically, the two that point outside. I asked my wife to power cycle (counting to 5 before plugging back in). No luck.

One remains dead in the water, while the other magically came back after a few days. It will be another two weeks before I get to troubleshoot.

That is unfortunate timing for sure. To be honest its hard to tell what’s happening. Is the WiFi up and accepting connections? Is the router close to the affected cameras? When the cameras were plugged back in did the status light come on then change from yellow to blue?

No worries. The wife has already disconnected everything for the pack/load later this week. When our stuff comes off the truck later this month, I will get a chance to play, er, troubleshoot.

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