Camera seems to have died

One of my cameras seems to have stopped working. The light in the back was out. I unplugged it from power and the light came on yellow and occasional little peeps (`10th of a second) and after 1 minute all goes out. Before I wrote it off, I thought i would check here to see if anyone thought there may be some correctable issue that I should consider.

Trash can?

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Go to this site and do all of the troubleshooting that they ask first before you make any rash decisions. If they don’t work then I would submit a support ticket and see if tech can help you get it figured out. Good luck

Discarded electronics should go to hazardous waste.

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You are correct I didn’t catch that thank you for making sure he knows what to do with it

Junk drawer, lots a good parts. But light sounds kind of like mine that lost its memory every time it lost power. I assume you did try to go back through the setup process?

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If that doesn’t work, try re-flashing the firmware. I’ve saved a camera that way.

I don’t know why it works, but I assume a gamma ray made it to the earth’s surface and flipped a bit or something.


I believe it was a quasar

my comment about the trash was metaphorical. I never through electronics away until there is nothing left to de-solder or unscrew. Then my neighbor takes the remains for his purposes. I’m afraid to ask what he does with it…he’s a NE Patriot, you know. I tread lightly.

I have done very limited investigation because I had very limited time, but will be looking closer. Probably should have waited for some investigation before posting, but I was on the run and thought someone might have an off the cuff thought that might short circuit my investigation…its happened many times.

I will re-register the camera tomorrow and if that doesn’t work, contact Support.

Thanks for the feed-back.


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I know I was responding in just to when I said that I had missed that. I knew you weren’t just going to trash it

The 1st thing I’d try is a different known good power adapter and USB cable. Give it a try before subjecting the poor guy to dissection. :grinning:


I did try another power source and will try another USB cable.