Camera Question/ no signal

I currently have three camera so far. One of them works great while I am at home, but I get an ‘off line’ message as soon as I leave my Wi-Fi. The other two cameras work no matter where in the country that I go as long as it has a cell signal available. How do I fix this one camera. It kind of defeats the purpose if I can only use it when I am at home.

you get the offline message, but if you try to go into the live view for that camera will it still work? as of late we have see a few people running into that. in group view a camera will show as offline, but when you click on that camera it will work on the single feed.

I would try clearing the cache and going into the settings page and at the bottom clicking restart camera.


Mine was an outdoor camera so it had to restart but deleting it and reinstalling the camera worked for now. Should not have to do this.

Sorry it has taken so long to follow up on this. I’ve been down and out from a liver transplant. Anyway… as soon as I am out of range of my wi-fi the camera goes off line, even when I click to just open and view that camera. It will give me an ‘off line’ message and recommend I restart the camera, which I have done many times but has yet to make a difference.