Camera - Previously shared user still has access - not on shared list

We use our camera as a baby monitor / camera at home and during travel to family locations. We bring the camera and connect it to the various LAN/WiFi locations and give our camera a different name based on the new location. We will then temporarily share it with family members at that location. Most recently, my spouse and I had an issue where someone who previously had access, still has access to view the camera even after they were deleted from the access list. Has anyone else had this issue? Not sure how repeatable it is.

It seems like this may be a glitch when multiple emails/owners configure/connect the camera in various locations/networks.

LOCATION 1 (typical setup configured by OWNER A):
Camera Name: Z Cam
Admin: OWNER A
Shared with: OWNER B

LOCATION 2 (visiting setup configured by OWNER B):
Camera Name: S Cam
Admin: OWNER B
Shared with: OWNER A, GUEST C, GUEST D

Return to LOCATION 1 (configured by OWNER A):
Camera Name: Z Cam
Admin: OWNER A
Shared with: OWNER B
-OWNER B removed the camera from LOCATION 2 without manually removing GUEST C and GUEST D at uninstallation/disconnect.
-GUEST C and GUEST D were removed by OWNER A when camera configured at typical setup LOCATION 1 WiFi and are not shown on the Share page. Only OWNER B is listed as shared.
-OWNER B shows OWNER A as “Shared By OWNER A”
-GUEST C received a smoke alarm notification and still has access to view the camera.
-I, as OWNER A and Admin no longer have control over previously assigned shared accessibility permission settings.

I will post if I get anything additional from the support team…

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Thanks for the info! Have you contacted Support yet? Do you have a ticket number you can post here? That definitely sounds like something is a miss.


Ticket 1007463 - sent a screenshot and log from the app (Ticket ID: 107767). Tomorrow I plan on trying the following:
Tomorrow, I am going to disconnect the camera and have OWNER B reconnect as admin. I can only recall removing GUEST D and I want to see if GUEST C is still listed if OWNER B is admin.


Thanks for that. Nice job on documenting and keeping track of this issue, I hope all the work on your end makes it that much easier to figure out for the Support/Dev side of things. I don’t think there would be an immediate remedy, but keep working with Support and hopefully something comes of this sooner than later.

I’ve also sent your write up, up the ladder here so that more are aware of this issue.


When I readded the camera to LOCATION 1 with OWNER B as admin I did not see anything unusual. Had to reshare with OWNER A and none of the GUESTS were listed. However, obviously I was not able to select LOCATION 2’s WiFi network where the issue may have originated. Is the user list and data stored based on the WiFi network?

The camera settings are saved server side. I am not quite sure how the shares operate, that’d be a Dev/Engineer question.