Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

I received mine about 2-3 weeks ago. Yes the Pans should include siren if they release a new one. You never know when a new products hits the street.
All their videos are cloud stored with the exception of cameras with the loaded RSTP files. The RSTP files are unsupported and do not have regular updates, Pans lose their pan tilt capability as well. I then use Blue Iris software on my own on-premise server for those few RSTP cameras. All my video files are stored on-premise, none are streamed to the cloud.

V3, push a button to activate siren, many cases it will be too late, activate on motion option?

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Nice to have feature request:
When camera detects motion and/or sounds, announce “Camera recording” or something similar.
Rationale: Let’s guests or break-ins know they are being captured.
Users can control frequency and when announcement happens.
Announcement occurs 2 - 5 seconds after motion detected to ensure “guest” hears it.

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I would love to see a setting within the Wyze Camera app or via IFTTT that when motion is activated during specific times throughout the day the camera can either set off the siren for a specific amount of time or create a pre defined warning message that automatically is said over the camera like… “You are on private property please leave before the police are notified”.

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Lot’s of support for this one but WYZE seems to have transitioned to Vacuums and lots more and the cameras with this simple fix would make it 1 step closer to perfection. But then they will want to charge for it. Sad

Hey, I did discover a feature that is very close to what your asking for. You can link your wyze cam to “Tiny Cam” its only available on androids. But after you link it there is a music symbol icon and you can click that and upload your own sound and it will play through your cameras speakers. If anyone would know how to make an automation so when motion is detected it can automatically play the sound instead of doing it manually would be awesome.

Theres also something else where you can use alexa; google integration. You have to have a wyze sensor but after you do you can have the alexa set up to play your selected text through the alexa speakers.

You can view what i have set up here: Wyze uploaded sound

Or here is the video for alexa; google integration:

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thanks Nate for taking the time to make a video. ill have to try it. ive also heard of tiny url or something like that to have wyze cameras on desktop windows. do you know how to do that also. would be great if you do and can make a video

I’ve moved this from the Wishlist to Roadmap! We’re working on a feature that enables a sound to be triggered on your Wyze Cam with Rules. It’s still possible that plans could change here, but this is currently in development. We don’t have an ETA to share at this time so please stay tuned for updates!


Thanks for the update…hope it is soon

Excellent news! Please allow for custom audio files to be played.

(I have so many visions of ED-209 alerts being triggered.)


Wow this all sounds great !

Yet my Cam V3 is caught between, cars with illegal or wide beam headlights, wind blowing through shrubs (lower settings) and missing people walking up to and by my mailbox / door (raise settings).

On a busy street (ave), between car horns, suped up cars, police, fire ( btwn 2 fire staions) and medical (btwn 2 hospitals) sirens.

Sound detection is useless.

I guees, I should save up for a country estate, instead ?

I had fun rigging all that up with Alexa last year. That was Until the new V3, motion & door sensors came out .

I must be getting old, but my love to tinker & set it all up again, has wained.

I just want my old wyze efficiency, back !

Any update? it’s been 5 months?


Hi Kenny. Any update? It’s been another few sprints.

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wyze outdoor camera shows siren on the app but the siren only sounds on the app not the camera itself - what is the purpose of that?

My confidence in these cameras working as expected is low, I have event misses, siren misses, etc. I have reset cameras, restarted cameras and tested rules &.triggers, still see misses.

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Yea the technology is not quite there I don’t think - I’ve had the same issue with other brand camera’s. The inside camera’s seem to work pretty good but the outside camera constantly looses connection and rarely detects any motion.

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I think this is a great idea. I would love for my porch cam v3 w/ light to announce “Person Detected” through the camera speaker so people understand they are under surveillance.

I walk by a neighbors house and I don’t know what system they are using but even their flood lights announce “Person detected, activity under surveillance” ot something like that. That’s a little aggressive but a simple “Person Detected” would be nice. Like how devices not announce persons detected on wyze cams.

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I would really like this feature as well. Specifically to integrate with pet detection and play audio. My idea is to point at the furniture and play something if the dog is detected near the couch.

That can be done now. I have one of my motion detectors sound the alarms on all of my cameras between 11pm and 5am to let anyone with ill intentions know they have done a wrong thing.


Oh, that’s on the V3 cams FYI.