Camera plays a sound (eg. siren) on motion or on demand

Several people have mentioned that it would be nice to have a chime unit that beeps when doors open, when motion is detected, etc. And I agree, it would be great. But it occurs to me that the Wyze cameras have a built-in speaker already. If Wyze has to build a brand new product for this, we’ll likely have to wait a while. But if this is simply updated in software, it could theoretically be introduced within a few months.

Any beeps/alerts should be optional, of course. Ideally we could customize the sound and volume. Hopefully we could define different types of alerts to have different sounds. (Or none at all.) For my ideal scenario, I’d probably want some kind of bell ring sound for person events. In my case, I’d probably disable other motion events. I’d have the doors doors make a short beep when they’re opened or closed. And I might set my window sensors to make a different type of beep.

I know the camera speakers aren’t very loud. I still think that a separate chime unit is a great idea. But this should be pretty easy to implement without needing to wait for a brand new product, and it will be a great solution for a lot of people in the meantime.


Hello, there is already a request for the camera speakers to play a sound file automatically when motion or noise is detected. I request a button in the app to also trigger a sound as a useful deterrent to dog misbehavior. I don’t want the camera to emit a sound every time my dog moves while I’m not at home, but if I notice my dog getting into something, I’d like to send some feedback. Currently we can make the camera speakers play noises by yelling into our phones, but that’s not an option sometimes. Thanks!

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Does anyone know if these cameras could or can be made to respond to an event with an automated siren sound or a recorded voice response, like “take another step, you may be shot” I would find this function useful.

You could buy a tape recorder, queue it up to the threatening phrase of your choice, (Ha) plug into a Wyze Plug, and trigger it on motion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I know there has been some concern about false alarms with motion detection. It would be great if you could at least have the contact sensors trigger the Wyze Cam speaker to emit an alarm sound. Or at least have them trigger a push notification that would allowed the user to decided wether to trigger an alarm. If you limited it to just the contact sensors in the beginning you would not need to worry as much about starling pets or false alarms. The Wyze Senese basically has everything you need for an alarm, not sure how loud the speaker is in the wyze cam, but truthfully I don’t need the neighbors to hear it, I just want it to be startling enough to hopefully cause a thief/intruder to close the door and run. It could even have a timeout after 30 second to a minute in case your dog/cat is home and no one sees the notification. Any type of alarm would help! I was really disappointed when I got everything in the wyze sense pack set up and realized I could not have any of it trigger some sort of alarm sound

Wyze’s products are more geared toward home automation than security at this point, but you could come up with a way to make this happen. Just this week, someone shared this, which is probably the most plug-and-play solution I’ve seen. Intruder Alarm - reasonable solution found

Is there any way possible to play a recording through the wyze cam if motion is detected? That would be a huge feature just in case I can’t get to the camera while something is happening, maybe a recording of audio would scare someone off thinking there being watched.

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This would be great if you could play dogs barking really loud! Also a way to get alarm sound without building it in!

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This feature request is a little over a year old and is still in “maybe-later.” I would buy extra cameras if this was available, solely to use them as alarm speakers. The price is low enough that you don’t need a separate product/SKU.


I 100% agree and will try to strum up some more support for this. I was asking them to install an actual alarm but your idea is better! TY

I think somebody already asked about this , but anyway here it is. A smart thing would be having the possibility to enable from the App an audio snipet , IE a prerecorded siren and be able to trigger the audio clip with an on /off button and/or triger by motion. I already expect devs and some members to bog this idea down, but i can tell you that this would be a winner . Please let me explain why,
At night when you are sleeping or when it’s late most of the outside noise is quiet, even a little kid knows that at night any noise seems louder ! Imagine if you have let’s say 2 or more cams a siren playing back from the cams would be quite loud. I have tested playing a siren through the 2 way audio and on the other side they could here it from a distance,
it’s not justy about loud but frequency Would it be so difficult to get this implemented when you have all the ingredients ready?? there are many other applications for prerecorded audio snippets. As i said in another post even Alfed camera has this feature and it’s freeware , check it out! THANKS FOR READING.


I would like to request a function to sound a siren or play a voice clip upon motion detection to deter pests (rabbits, raccoons, etc).


When I am at home and one of my dogs won’t stop barking, I use a free Android app called Dog Whistle to quiet down the barking dog. Dog Whistle is a silent dog whistle that allows me to control the volume the dog hears it at and the frequency. (The is also a similar iOs app.) The app works great for all four of my dogs and stops the barking or the whining. Anyway, it would be amazing if Wyzw could integrate this feature in with their software so that when I am at work and viewing my dogs and one of the dogs starts barking uncontrollable, I could just turn on (and later off) the Dog Whistle to quiet him down. My neighbors would certainly appreciate it too!

@carlamuller, I have merged your #wishlist submission to this topic. However, I have doubt that the small speaker in the Wyze Cams would be capable of reproducing the required frequency and volume for this application.

Or even a bing

Even a ding or dong

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Yes I originally posted to add alarm like Bosma but someone came up with the idea just to play a soundfile of your choice through the current speaker…ie, hey get off my porch; or a dogs barking file, police siren file, etc. This can be accomplished as a software issue instead of new hardware.
This will work great until some sort of alarm can be worked out.

it will be enough and will do the job just fine, then immagine you multiply that audio snippet for as many cams you have. Last but not least night sound propagation seems louder because at least 90% of day noise is not present, so any noise will be bigger !!

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I think we are all in agreement that this is a software fix and should be relatively easy. And yes, if it can play through all wyze cams we have the sound multiplies. Even if we have to push the button for each camera 1 at a time, it works. I have 6 cams 1 in each room.

Please Please put this on the top of the list. Something easy and I can return my Bosma 1 and by 2 more wyze.

I only bought Bosma 1 for the alarm!

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Can we change the heading to "Cam plays sound file when you push a button on your phone screen in the wyze app. Not play the sound file when detection.

Also if we can merge this with “can we add a loud siren to the cam” which I had posted?