Camera on a window sill- Fire Hazard?

If a camera, more specifically the Wyze Cam Pan, is setup on a window sill to point downward from indoors through a window to view the exterior, and is in a room that gets direct sunlight, could the cameras presence potentially start a fire due to the lens on the camera? I’m just wondering if I’m putting myself at risk. I know mirrors on a window sill are a no-no, is a security camera also?

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I don’t think the laws of physics could align in such a way that your Wyze cam would spontaneously combust on your windshield.

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Just curious, so is the reflective strength less than with a camera lens than a mirror? Or why are some things more probable to cause a fire, such as glass door knobs, mirrors, etc.? I’m just wanting to confirm that even if I don’t have my Pan cam panning if it’s sitting in the direct sunlight it’s not going to spark something inside or outside the home due to it reflecting the sunlight onto something. I know you can’t say this with 100% certainty, obviously, just wondering if it’s different than a mirror…

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Well, the un-announced use of a rare element sub visual spectrum laser that Wyze uses with the micro- Lidar array to range the image (before they send it to China) could engage with some antimatter and dramatically increase the concentration of photons in the beam and initiate combustion on what it hits so, sure, I guess it could happen.



What are the odds that I will follow either suit?

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