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I moved and I have my camera plugged in and my Wi-Fi on my phone but when I pull up the app it says I am offline camera not connected. How do I reset up my camera in my new house?

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I think it would help to have a little more info about your situation. You say you moved and have your WiFi on your phone. When you moved did you transport your same router and are you using the same provider? Did you have to re-log in to the wifi on your phone?
If there is anything different in your WiFi setup, like SSID or password, you will have to re-install your cam- same process you used when you first got it and set it up on your old network. See Setup Guide for a refresher course there.
Let us know if this helps.


That’s the thing I don’t remember how I set the camera up the first time it is a new password. So what is the setup process?

Here is information on How to Change Wifi on Your Cam. The password you use will be the password you use to log into your WiFi on your phone. Basically you are just pressing the reset button on the bottom of the cam and re installing it like you did initially - This Process

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