Camera not recording light change events

Floodlight camera will not detect light change and won’t motion tag the lights turning off thus not recording an event.

The camera motion detection sensitivity is at 100 and I have motion tagging turned on yet when the floodlights turn on and off the camera doesn’t motion tag the pixel change thus it doesn’t record an event and upload to the cloud .

I need this bc I wanna know when the floodlights get triggered on since the floodlights pir sensor is so sensitive and I wanna see what triggered it on.

Any help here please!!

Here’s a video of what’s happening . The camera motion detection sensitivity is at 100 and motion tagging is on yet it doesn’t motion tag the light change

Check your camera settings and make sure:

" Detection settings > Detection zone is either off or covers the right area.

“Event Recording” > “Records an Event When” > “Detects Motion” is turned on.

If you want to be notified, you can also turn on Notifications > Notify me when camera > Detects any other motion". But i have this turned off due to dust generating too many motion detections at night.

All of this is on :slight_smile:

Maybe hang something extremely reflective in the field of view to create a sudden bright spot that ideally moves a bit to trigger the cam?

Like a shiney wind chime or disco ball thingy to amplify the effect of the light coming on without triggering the light by itself?

I’ve never had a Wyze floodlight cam, but my v3 sure picks up the headlights of the paper delivery person at 3am from a quarter mile away!

That’s interesting. Maybe it’s a feature of the Wyze Cam Floodlight, to stop it triggering itself?

If you go to Create Rule in the Wyze app, can you trigger off the floodlight, then you could have an action for camera to upload a short video to the cloud.?