Camera not connecting to live feed after firmware update

I updated the firmware and now the cameras won’t connect to the live feed saying they are not connected but I continue to get real time motion detection notifications.

That should not happen.

Is your mobile connected to the same wifi SSID as the cameras? You told us about updating firmware. Is that the only thing that has changed since they were working?

If you don’t care to determine why it isn’t working, and just do some things that may fix it, I would try (in order). After each step see if you can connect to the camera.

  1. Restart App
  2. Power cycle the camera
  3. Reboot device running App
If none of those fixes problem, open ticket (email or use browser select support and choose one of the options at bottom. Starting from the left option is best because it will prompt for info that will make it more likely for the support ticket to have the information needed.

Thank you for the response. Yes, that is all that I changed. I just kept checking the cameras on my phone as they are 2 1/2hrs
away and one finally reconnected and a few minutes later the other one did also. It probably took 30-45 minutes for them to start working again.

I have a similar problem too. It gets connected one moment and then disconnected another. And since I got the second camera and updated the firmware, I often am unable to connect both cameras at the same time. Only one will work and the other gets disconnected - and they take turns. It gets frustrating.