Camera malfunctions?

Went on vacation and my camera would not relay video to my app. I had a family check my home and wifi was working well. Why is that?

Not enough info.
Does it work when you are anywhere outside of your Wifi, the grocery store for example?
What were the error messages / numbers?

It works outside of my house…I can see it clearly as we speak and I’m at least a mile away. But when I went on vacation it wouldnt work. I was still in the US. I didnt write down the error number. It acted as if the camera was off.

My guess is you were in an area with poor data / Wifi bandwidth.
Once you are outside your own WIfi, whether it’s a mile or 5000 miles, the process is the same so I’m assuming you just had a bad connection.



No problem. It is just a guess.:slightly_smiling_face:

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