Camera issues with tp link deco x60 router

Hello everyone

I have been using the x60 for over a month now and I’ve noticed some issues

This is the router I’m using

TP-Link WiFi 6 Mesh WiFi, AX3000 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System (Deco X60) - Covers up to 5000 Sq. Ft., Replaces WiFi Routers and Extenders, Parental Control, 2-pack

Delayed notifications I seem to get them about 1 -9 minutes late ! Yes that long at time.

Viewing camera group consists of live feeds freezing , buffering , lagging , cameras not connecting , cameras taking over 1 minute to load , cameras not loading , viewing live feed of group while events happen causes the issues

I have 8 v3’s . 5 have 3 full bars of signal strength and 3 have 2 bars of signal strength

Anyone else used a deco router before and experienced this ?

I’m thinking of returning this unit and going for another brand , if anyone has recommendations please let me know the best brands that work with wyze devices .



The problem, if its still the same setup, is it has no dedicated band for 2.4 and 5 ghz bands and the cameras keep dropping. I had that router and returned it because it affects more than Wyze. A lot of 2.4 items can’t maintain a solid connection because of this. I did a video about it before.

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Can you send the video ? I’d like to watch it

I had such a bad experience with the deco router .

When I set it up , I kept the same SSID and password as my old network and my devices refused to connect automatically. Setting the thing up , took over an hour . I had to connect about 10 of my wyze devices again and 6 v3’s

Notifications were super late , someones instant but other times I would get them about 1-9 minutes late YES that late at times ! Streaming cameras was terrible , viewing my cameras in a group the cameras lagged , froze , and often constantly needed buffering , i couldn’t view my group of cameras .

A lot of connection issues and so much more

I finally had enough and just returned the deco router to Walmart today as it was near the 30 day return deadline . And I picked up this net gear night hawk mesh system .

So far so good

Set up was a breeze!! It took me less than 5 minutes to get everything up and running . This time , I kept the same SSID and password as before and ALL of my devices connected automatically! It was great , except 1 device which was the wyze switch . Strange , but I just added it back again . Notifications seem to be consistent at around 7 seconds , I’m able to view my camera group of 7 cameras with no issues .

No lagging , freezing , or buffering issues so far .

Idk what it was about the deco system but it just didn’t work good with me

Here you go. It’s a review on the product but basically it was awful for my needs then and seems you had the same experience.

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Nice , I like watching unboxing videos . I subscribed to your channel too

Good video overall but yea the deco mesh system was just terrible . It sucks bc I wanted it to workout so much for me

What are you using right now if you don’t mind me asking ?

I went down the Asus AX6100 route.
They have pretty decent speed and wifi 6 but most importantly I can separate the 2.4 and 5 ghz frequencies. I don’t use the wifi 6 because it’s a dedicated backhaul and you get better speeds that way and I don’t have to run wires.
Also since I can create guest networks that means I can have dedicated networks just for cameras etc. Plus its a mesh network and capable of expanding.

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