Camera is ON, but displays OFF

The title says it all. I have eight cameras, seven of which are displaying the on button on my home screen. One is displaying a cloud with a slash through it. Presumably, this is an off indication. However, when I click on the camera it is showing a live stream. How do I get the button to come back on?

Hello @John517, have you tried to force close the app then relaunch it?

Yes, I tried that a couple of times. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is deleting the camera and reinstalling it. I’m not near the cameras right now so I can’t do that.

Have you also tried signing out of the Wyze app and back in? I’ve had this happen to me before but usually after a force close my app begins to work the same.

Yep, did that, too. But, for some reason it just started working.