Camera is not loading

I have a v3 that has not been loading for days now . Always gets stuck on the 1/3 part , and the camera has 3 full bars of signal strength

I have restarted it , removed it from my group , cleared app cache , force quit app , etc .

Any help here , please and thank you !

Have you tried physically relocating it? Tried physically unplugging power?

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I haven’t relocated it , bc the first month it was at the location it worked fine

I have power cycled it various times

The issues started right after I switched to my own personal modem and router

Okay, obvious suspect is that the new router has a slightly weaker signal. Wyzecams aren’t noted for robust radio strength. Approaches include repointing router antennas, adding an extender, changing channels, running a new AP, etc…

Idk , i updated from my ISP’s gateway and upgraded to a tp link deco x60 router . It should have good signal strength.

The camera has 3 full bars .

Restarting the device helps jt , but i still notice my cameras lag, will freeze , and are just slow. My house is less than 300 sq ft …

Sigh. Okay, just guessing some more, but maybe the old “5 Ghz has same name as 2.4 Ghz SSID” mesh router thing is confusing it. See if you can separate the names. I would also consider physically resetting the camera (button push and re-register in the app). Sorry I don’t have any other ideas right now.