Camera is mostly not connected but close to the WiFi extender

I have one camera that has intermittent problems, more often than not I can’t connect to it.

The last code I saw was 20011. Camera shows as ON in the app.

I just ran it again and it’s just spinning trying to Get Video Data.

Just got a Error 42, and I can heard the relay in the camera clicking - camera is quite close to the WiFi extender which is being used by 2 other cameras successfully.

App is Android app version 2.5.30.

I honestly think the Wyze app is the issue, not the camera or wifi. Case in point: When I hit a group of my cameras on either an android tablet or my iphone, I’ll often get some error message on at least one of them. When I run tinycam on my chromebook, they all work all the time no matter how many I have showing simultaneously etc… and all are right where they should be with regards to speed and number of frames per second.

what is TinyCam?
What OS’s can it be run on?