Camera - Group pin number

In addition to be able to have cameras in multiple groups, I believe it would be very nice if it was possible to have a separate password or pin number to view specific cameras so that access can be restricted to some app users in the home yet allowing all family members to use the same app!

Have each person create their own account, and then share the desired camera or cameras with the people you want to be able to view those cameras.

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I agree with @K6CCC. :point_up_2:

Cams are anchored to the account login credentials entered when opening the app. If everyone used the same credentials to log in to their respective apps, there is no way for the server to differentiate between one user with multiple devices or multiple users with their own devices.

The only way to differentiate users is for them to have their own account credentials.

Good idea. I think also that if we have a situation inside the family that warrants such security that we should be really serious about this. Here’s my list. Remember, if we are going to do this, let’s REALLY do this.

  1. Once turned on, it can never be turned off.
  2. Enabled for every user, including the one that set this up and enabled it.
  3. Minimum PIN length should be 20 characters requiring letters and special characters (can’t have too much security).
  4. PIN can’t be saved. Must be entered/re-entered each time accessing camera.

I promise to get back to you after I think about this a while. :slight_smile: