Camera group issues

I have a camera group of 7 v3’s, lately when I open the camera group some cameras will not load , take a while to load live feeds, and some will have error code 90.

I’ll back out and refresh the tab, open camera group again and they’ll load perfectly but most of the time I experience these issues.

I’ve restarted all of the cameras through the app, and have power cycled all of them. Cleared app cache and force closed app yet I’m still experiencing the same issues. Issues started this week since I began using a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Im using the v2.41.5 android app.

Any one else experiencing this? Any tips or advice to fix this? Thanks!


Yes. This has been noted. And for groups as few as 2 cams. Something changed in one of the recent app updates. I don’t get error codes, it just sits there and continuously shows “Loading Live Stream”

Clicking on the cam opens it and loads the stream, going back to the group then shows the stream. Sometimes backing out and reloading the group helps.

I have found that it doesn’t do it all the time. When it does though, it does it across all my groups.


Everything after Android version v2.38.0 (153) has this and other “group” cams issues.

I ended up rolling back to the above version to not have issues with the last 6 out of 16 cams in my “Outdoor” group of cams.

The new Beta version 2.42.0.b283 may have addressed this issue, we shall see?


Yea I also get cameras that get stuck at the loading live stream screen. Sooo annoying , for some reason backing out and opening the group doesn’t help.

Yesterday I had all 7 v3s stuck on that screen and had to wait 5 minutes for the cameras to eventually load

I’m also experiencing a weird events bug, when I watch some events in the events tab it’ll skip the first few seconds.

@bryonhu @SlabSlayer are any of you seeing this as well?

Really thinking on reverting to a previous app version , these two bugs are annoying

V 2.41.5 no issues with event video.

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@SlabSlayer @bryonhu hey guys I just posted this issue in the fix it Friday callout, can you give it a like. Please and thank you



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I’m getting the same since upgrading to 2.41.5 (5) on iOS.

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@SlabSlayer @habib @bryonhu

Hey guys , are you still experiencing the camera group issues?

When I open the camera group, I still get the pop up saying “failed to connect.” Error code 90 , on a few live feeds.

Simply by backing out of the group and opening the group again, or going up or down the camera group to view other cameras , or opening that specific camera with the error code will load the live feed but the bug is still affecting my cameras.

I haven’t experienced a group load stall in a bit. On the latest & greatest Beta though.

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Yep, nothing has changed. Same issues. I can also confirm that the beta version 2.42.0 (a4) has same issues. Looks like nothing has been fixed. I just through the towel and raise my hands in the air.

For the last couple of years that I had my Wyze cameras, I learned to treat them as toys, not as security cameras. I’m OK with that, learning my ropes until I decide which way to go.

Anyone experiencing this issue, Wyze says they need logs to fix this and haven’t gotten any. If you’d like this to get resolved, here are the instructions to help out:


I’ve been super busy and I haven’t had the time but one thing im noticing is that they’re saying if it shows offline, mine only say failure to connect. Is that the same and do I still need to do all of their troubleshooting steps?

Yeah, they were just copying the standard scripting for how to get a MicroSD card log. It is usually asked for related to “Offline” cameras, which is why it says that, but the steps are the same and it is the same kind of log they are asking for here, they just didn’t update the wording from the standard script. Just ignore that it says offline as it is applicable to this error cod 90 issue too.

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I just experienced that. However, it’s 10pm, dark, and 12 feet up to the cam on a ladder that is in the shed with no lights to fiddle with a microscopic SD Card. Not gonna happen this time.


Is anyone else experiencing slow loading speeds for live streams?

For the past couple of days, all of my cameras in a group will be stuck on “loading live stream”

When using WiFi or data. Clearing app cache and force closing app don’t seem to fix it most of the time.

It becomes a game of waiting until they cameras finally do load the live streams…

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Nope. Pretty standard quick loads for me. I only have one new cam that loads slower than the rest in the group, but it is loading a 2.5K QHD stream.

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I have been having this issue almost weekly now. The representative I spoke with said when it happens I have to reset all my cameras. As in delete and reinstall. Super annoying. Im so frustrated.

Welcome to the forum @teamtyson

Sorry to hear about your issues, but I think the support agent misspoke. I think the best fix for when the wired cameras go offline is to power cycle the camera and that should get them back online. You don’t have to delete the cameras from your app and set them up again every time.

A power cycle just consists of you unplugging the camera from the outlet for a few seconds and plugging it back in and that should get them back online.

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